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About us


Smith Aluminium has served the international extrusion industry for more than 25 years. Our tradition is to supply the latest technology within handling equipment. The main parts of the deliveries are done to Europe and North America, but some deliveries have also been carried out in Australia and Japan.

Smith Aluminium, established in Norway, in 1948, became involved in the aluminium industry as a supplier in the 1970´s. The first product was a "flying saw", which replaced the more common use of a torch or hand-held circular saw, at the front of the press. Over the years many of these units were supplied to the aluminium extrusion industry. In 1977, the company was approached by Reynolds Aluminum who enquired if it was possible to improve the design of the flying saw so it could hand the profile over to a single puller. The idea of a double puller was born. The description of this early version of a double puller is set out within the box on this page. The concept is still valid today.

For foundries and extrusion plants we supply equipment for log- and billet handling. This turns the division into an important player when new extrusion press projects are on the agenda.


Since it was founded in 1991, our company has enjoyed a solid position on the market for machinery production both at home and abroad, thanks to our quality, reliability, tradition, and experience. Our basic production program in the past was focused mainly on various types of conveyors and handling systems. Later on company expanded its portfolio to include the production of special components and steel constructions based on the customer´s plans and documentation. At present we are focusing on the whole assembly and delivery of equipment, including installation at the end user.

Our team currently consists of more than 140 reliable and professional workers. We are considered a mid-size company with a turnover of more than 11 million EUR.

The main focal points of the company:

/ production of enginery equipment and assembly units
/ custom weldment production
/ mining equipment

The needs and interests of our clients are the main source for the continued development of the company. Our goal is to be a reliable and first-rate partner that fulfills all expectations in dealing with comprehensive technical-production solutions for our clients needs.

Our partners come mostly from the EU, Scandinavia and USA, and are leaders in their field.

Our company has not lagged behind on the ever-increasing demands made by customers. Our priority is to be a highly-qualified and reliable partner that fulfills everything expected from us both at home and abroad. That is why the System Management of Quality Control specified by ISO 9001:2001 was implemented in our company in 2004, thus guaranteeing consistent improvements in quality control and placing emphasis on customer relations.

Since we are part of an environment which we make full use of and can influence with our actions, it was necessary to implement the System of Environmental Management, which we had certified in accordance with the norms of ISO 14001:1997. This way we ensure and improve the care for the environment, we remain aware of our personal responsibility for it, we lower the risks to it, we motivate our employees, and we properly make use of resources and thereby enjoy a competitive advantage.

ENGINEERING Department Profile

The ENGINEERING Department was formed in April 2004 by the split of the Technical Department of MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Department with a view of strengthening the importance of design in the branches where the Mechanical Engineering Division acts as a manufacturer as well as in other branches.

The primary tasks of the ENGINEERING Department are:

/ design and engineering in the mining and machine industries;
/ identification, organization and management of new mechanical engineering projects;
/ development of new products.

The development and design group of the ENGINEERING Department uses the in-house as well as external design capacities with AutoCAD 2004 and 2005 and Solid Edge V18 support. The ENGINEERING Department staff offer to the existing as well as potential customers their experience in design and manufacture of machines and equipment particularly for:

/ mining, i.e. organizations subject to the National Mining Administration's supervision (flight and belt conveyers, mechanical supports, etc.);
/ conveyers and conveying systems particularly for in-process transport in the machine, building, paper and foodstuff industries;
/ machines and handling equipment for aluminum processing, etc.









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