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Water and air quenches

Automotive industry profiles require rapid and well controlled cooling to obtain the material properties and strength. We apply revolutionary new designed nozzles where large quantities of air at low pressure are used to accelerate the variable water spray, thus giving the drops necessary impact to penetrate the damp film that occurs at the profile surface and totally evaporate.

When able to cool the profile, repeatability is the key word for high quality extrusion. Precision regulating valves are controlling the water flow to each group of nozzles, and optimal setting is stored for each die. This recording ensures the correct cooling pattern from the very start of each order, and provides the necessary documentation for quality assurance purposes.

Injection of even small quantities of water will drastically increase the heat transfer coefficient compared with air cooling, and are used for fast thin walled extrusions and to harden the surface of standard profiles to reduce marking caused by the tables. For special applications we can also supply forced air cooling quenches with a heat transfer coefficient up to 250 W/m 2 K.

Upon information about typical profiles to be extruded, we will calculate the required cooling capacity and design to fit in with the existing equipment. Naturally, we will also make modifications to the surrounding equipment if needed.



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