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The Finish Saw

The improved productivity of modern extrusion presses and the necessity of supplying superior quality profiles, make increasing demands on the performance of the finish saw. We have used our 25 years experience in design engineering to make solutions which meet with these demands.

Our present finish saw weighs from 3 to 7 tons and represents all you can expect of quality and performance. A solid construction welded onto a heavy base plate carries the saw table. Linear bearings mounted underneath the saw table for swarf protection, support the heavy duty saw carriage. For easy maintenance and change of saw blade the saw carriage can be moved out in the front of the saw body, and all lubrication points are made accessible in the front.

THE DOUBLE SAW CONCEPT was successfully installed at Hydro Raufoss Automotive (US), and is a great timesaving improvement. The two overtable saw units run on linear bearings and are positioned in relation to one fixed saw stop. They cut simultaneously with the same accuracy you expect from a standard finish saw, thus doubling the saw capacity.

The same concept can be retrofitted for an old line by introducing one movable saw, which is positioned in relation to the fixed one like the saw gauge. In addition, the last part of the saw conveyor table have to be modified to allow for the saw travel. Call us if the saw area is your bottle neck.

Simple, effective scrap removal facilities are included in all our different solutions.

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