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Saw gauge

THE SAW GAUGE TABLE is constructed similar to the saw conveyor table equipped with durable polyurethane coated aluminium rollers and with three vertical positions. Transportation of saw batches across the saw table is made in upper position 3 mm higher than the saw table to protect the profiles from remaining swarf on it. To save time, running saw batches towards the saw gauge and positioning cut batches must be made independently. Thus, the saw gauge table is normally divided into two or three parts with individual drives.

When positioned, the cut batches are lowered onto side belts for further transport towards manual or automatic stacking facilities.

Wide saw batches on rather high friction rollers involve considerable forces on the saw gauge when running against it, even at slow speed. The required accuracy is hard to obtain over the whole width using saw gauges supported on one side only.

THE SAW GAUGE we supply today is mounted on a heavy plate running above the table on two rails supported by a sturdy frame. The stop plate is hinged on both sides and operated by a pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder depending on the forces to be expected. For some special applications even hydraulic operation with progressive shock absorption has been supplied.

Positioning is performed by a dedicated controller operating directly the DC or AC-servo drive continuously checking and updating the exact position.

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