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Building saw batches

Belt system no. 5 is used for making and storing batches suited for the finish saw. The profiles on the smooth belt system no. 4 are straightened by running gently against belt system no. 5 before transferred onto it with a preselected distance to the previous profile. The width of the profile and the total batch are controlled and measured by photocells and an encoder. When the maximum batch width is reached or if a new series has been detected and identified by the puller system, batching is automatically terminated by making a gap of 100 mm to the next profile. On call from the saw operator, a terminated batch is transferred onto the saw conveyor table before the belt system returns to continue the interrupted batching.

THE SAW CONVEYOR TABLE is basically constructed similar to the run-out table but using durable polyurethane coated aluminium rollers. As extrusion speeds generally increase and dead cycle gets shorter, the finish saw area is often the bottle-neck in the down-stream process. To meet with this, the saw conveyor tables are made for 1000 mm or 1200 mm wide saw batches.

The saw conveyor table has three vertical positions. It receives the saw batch from belt system no.5 in low position and is lifted to upper transportation position about 3 mm higher than the saw table to protect the profile surface from being scratched by remaining swarf on that table. When saw cut is activated, the saw conveyor table is lowered these 3 mm to ensure that the profiles lie firmly on the saw table during cutting.

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