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Complete handling system for Indalex Aluminium Solutions

This new handling equipment was buildt to suit the 36,5 MN UBE press installed.
The run out system is constructed as a double run out, which means that the initial table has the same length as the maximum profile length to be extruded.

The puller system is thereby constructed with two single pullers and one movable hot saw.
The hot saw positions after the press length and cuts the section at the stop mark during the dead cycle.

Equipment included in the delivery:

* Water and Air Quench
* Run Out
* Twin Puller
* Hot Saw
* Under Table Air Cooling
* Cooling Table
* Over Table Air Cooling
* 100 ton Stretcher
* Batching Table


* Saw Conveyer Table
* Automatic Finish Saw
* Digital Saw Gague
* Automatick Profile Stacker
* Rack Stacker / Destacker
* Rack Ramps



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