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The Smith Double Puller

The Smith Double-puller operating with 5 different pulling programs is second to none.

Puller no. 1 is equipped with a saw, and cuts the profiles exactly in the weld mark during extruding. The reduction of scrap obtained by this method is 1,5 - 2,5 % compared to any single puller system. The pulling of the profiles is transferred from Puller No.1 to Puller No. 2 on the run which makes the system practically independent of the press dead cycle. In program no. 3, profiles exceeding the length of the run-out table can be cut in two or more lengths without holding the press.

The advantage of the double puller increases with short series. The absence of welding marks and having equal lengths on the table, makes automatic stretching easier and the finish saw operations more efficient with less scrap-cutting.

For special applications we have supplied pullers with more than 10 operating programs and up to 2 ton stripping force.

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