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Stretchers from 10 to 200 ton

All our stretchers are made with a flat lower jaw of hardened steel and an upper eccentric lamella package adapting to the profiles when clamping. Thus, unnecessary deformation of hollow sections are avoided resulting in less scrap. Due to internal forces, stretchers from 100 t and upwards are supplied with heavy sideflanges which are lowered together with the lamellas and grip into the lower jaw.

The tailstock positions steplessly, which makes both one-man operated and fully automatic stretching easier.


Automatic stretching is generally possible under the condition that each extrusion can be transferred from belt system no. 3 to belt system no. 4 without disrupting the remaining profiles on the belts. Deformation of the profiles during cooling might, however, make manual interference necessary before clamping.

The PLC stores the length of each extrusion measured by the puller system The position and distance between the extrusions on the cooling table are recorded by measuring the transport distance of the belt systems by encoders.

Preparing to receive an extrusion, both the mainstock and the tailstock move about 300 mm further than where the ends are supposed to be. Then the extrusion is transported onto the side of the stretchers. Photocells on the side of the stretchers detect the exact position of the ends while pulling back and the extrusion is fed into the stretcher jaws and clamped.

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