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Runout systems

The initial table and the runout table are both equipped with driven needle felt coated aluminium rollers running synchronised with the puller speed. Depending on the profile weight, the rollers closest to the press are water cooled to maintain the shape of the rollers and to prolong the lifetime.

THE INITIAL TABLE is tilted on the press-side and adjusted to the profile height. To avoid marking on the surface it is essential that the profiles are sufficiently supported by the rollers, and especially close to the press. Thus, we make the initial table in segments lowered in front of the puller and lifted to exact profile height as soon as the puller has passed.

THE RUN-OUT TABLE consists of a lower and an upper part. The upper part, containing the rollers, is lowered to allow for the belt system to clear the runout fast and gently. On some installations running very heavy and hot profiles, we have supplied slat conveyors with needle felt instead of graphite. Solid lift-off beams running on roller bearings are inserted under the profiles, lifted and then retracted to clear the conveyor. By lowering again, the profiles are placed on an intermediate storage beam and cooled by undertable fans before they are lifted onto the belt system by the next stroke of the lift-off beam. Both beams are covered with needle felt slats.



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