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Log and billet handling equipment

Our product range covers most of the needs for log- and billet handling equipment for both foundries and extrusion plants.

For foundries

The product range for foundries covers the following equipment:

* Handling and lifting equipment for continues homogenising plants.
* Batching machines and transport system for batching homogenising systems.

This type of equipment is usually delivered together with oven suppliers in a turnkey solution.

Further we deliver:

* Saws, which covers lengths from 600 mm and diameters from ø156.
* Packaging and strapping systems for both billets and extrusion logs.

For extrusion plants

For extrusion plants we provide log handling systems, saws and billet handling equipment. Our systems are always adjusted to each costumers building and local needs. Taking this into consideration we normally can build the equipment together from our standard parts. Some of these parts are shown on the pictures bellow.


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