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Many extruders have hesitated to install automatic stackers experiencing that the potential reduction in manpower could not be obtained due to numerous manual interferences necessary to keep the stacker running, like sorting out spacers, separating batches and rectifying profiles running out of line.

We have spent many years of testing out new ideas and technical solutions, and are finally in the position of being able to offer reliable solutions to the above problems.

Spacers are simply loaded onto a belt and brought slowly towards a pick-up position where defective spacers are rejected and usable ones are being lined up and intermediately stored.

Distribution belts bring the spacers needed to mechanical stoppers. Straightening profiles, closing gaps between profiles and bringing together uncomplete batches are made when transferring the profiles from the side belts to the stacker belts. To facilitate these tasks, both belt systems are equipped with frequency converters, and each individual side belt is controlled with an electro-mechanical clutch. Separating batches to suitable widths for stacking is made by lifting a set of especially designed beams, which at the same time free the belt systems to continue batching to save time.

DESTACKERS are made to feed production facilities or packing lines utilizing the same technique and components.


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